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Welcome to the Drashield Suite of Heraldry Programs, your top web resource for learning the art of blazonry!

Blazonry is a special language, part English, part French, used to precisely describe the colours, shapes and objects that appear on a heraldic shield

If you are new to blazonry then try out the "Build" page – this lets you put together a shield from component parts and see how the blazon (shield description) is built up, alongside an image of the shield as you add parts to it.

To try creating blazons for yourself go to the "Create" page and type or paste in a blazon directly. This page is the real heart of the site and has the most features – there is an options panel that gives you more control over the appearance of the shield and you can also download your shield in various formats. If you are looking for inspiration then just leave the blazon field blank and a random example will be created for you.

To see what Drashield is capable of please take a look at the examples in the Gallery, or to test your skills try to identify the correct blazon from the three displayed on the Quiz page.

Lincoln Castle

If you need help, or want to find a list of all the heraldic features supported by Drashield then look at the links on the Help page. If you are having trouble creating the shield that you want, try the Hints and Tips page.

Enjoy Your Blazoning!

But don’t forget, Drashield is provided for education and information only. The use of heraldic devices is restricted in many countries, independently of copyright. The granting of a Coat of Arms is solely the right of the appropriate Heraldic Authority for your nationality and country of residence!

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Finally, if you would like to help improve Drashield or have suggestions for new features please go to the Contacts page. You can also find subscribe to the Drashield page on Google+. I try to respond to every comment, so please check out my comment feedback!