Sources of Help

There are several places to get help and information about Drawshield and the art of blazonry.

Drawshield User Guide

The User Guide shows you how to use this website as well containing a complete reference to all the terms that Drashield can understand and a tutorial on the language of Blazonry for those new to Heraldry.

Other Information on Blazonry and Heraldry

If you would like to learn more about Blazonry and Heraldry there are many books available on the subject, almost all of which cover at least the basics of the blazon language. As well as the tutorial included with the User Guide, there is a good on-line Grammar of Blazonry written by Bruce Miller of the Society for Creative Anachronism, most of which can be applied directly to Drawshield.

Drawshield News and Information

The main place for discussion of Drashield features and notification of new releases is on the Drawshield Google+ Page. For the more technically minded, information and the complete source code are available at the Drashield GitHub repository. There is also an issues list with the current list of bugs and new items being worked on.

Quick Reference Charts

These charts are included in the User Guide, but for quick access they are in the table below. Just click on each item to bring up the full size image.

colours treatment2 treatment1
Swords Linetypes crowns
quadrates1 quadrates2