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News Updates

2nd August 2017

The Book of Public Arms

I am very pleased to announce that after a lot of hard work I can now make available a new heraldry reference work in an easily accessible web page format - the >BOOK OF PUBLIC ARMS, by A.C. Fox Davies. This has more than 2,500 entries and 1,300 illustrations of municipal, corporate and official coats of arms, each on its own web page. Comments and corrections are welcome.

20th July 2017

Web Site Refresh

As I hope you will notice the entire web site has been re-developed using new, mobile friendly technology. The original "DrawShield" program is still behind the scenes, it just has a new front-end user interface. I hope that you find the new design both pleasant and usable. If you have any problems using this new site please let me know using the "Reply" button below.

22nd July 2017

Rationale for the the Re-design

The original DrawShield site is now getting on for 5 years old. It is based on a custom WordPress theme with the various elements paced at fixed locations on a background image about 800 x 1000 pixels. Although I quite liked the appearance of the "book" it had two main problems - responsiveness to different screen sizes (especially on mobile devices) and the very limited menu structure (the 8 "tabs" running down the side of the book). I wanted to be able to serve a wider range of devices and also bring in some new content, as well as giving the site a cleaner, more modern visual appearance, hence the new site design that you see now. I have described how the site has been built on the "about" page. If you have any comments, find any problems, or want to suggest improvements please click on the "reply" button.

20th July 2017

Parker's Heraldic Dictionary

My previously stand-alone website giving easy accesss to Parker's Heradlic Dictionary has been incorporate into this site. You can find it in the Reference Section.

20th July 2017

Planned Developments

I have lots of ideas and some work still to do to migrate earlier functionality over to the new site (like the "build" page...). I will post all new features here in the News section but if you have any suggestions then please let me know using the "Reply" button below.