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13 Mar 2020 - Towards a canonical form for British Blazons

British Blazonry, as a language is reasonably well defined, however it still includes alternative ways of saying the same thing, and the order of descriptive additions is not fixed. Drawshield is designed to cope with all of these minor variations and inconsistencies, however, we can reasonably ask - should there be a consistent, standard form for British Blazons? We might call this a “canonical form” for blazons.

Why would we want such a thing? For a number of reasons:

  • As a style guide for those creating new blazons
  • As a learning aid for those learning blazonry
  • As the “target” format when we are converting blazons from other languages into English
  • To allow the textual and linguistic analysis and comparison of blazons
  • Because we are carrying on the standardisation work that heralds began 500 years ago!

Let us begin with the basic colours because these are the foundation on which much else is built. For the purpose of these discussions we will use a fix font for our standards specification.



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