Hints for Shield Drawing

Getting the Shield you want

Drawshield can be frustrating, the error messages may not seem very helpful and the program keeps crashing! I sympathise (and am working to improve things...) If you are creating your own shield the best approach is to start simple and add one feature a time - start from your field and build from there. If you are trying to draw an existing blazon try putting most of it in brackets - all words in brackets are ignored. DrawShield has particular difficulty with detailed charge descriptions- try commenting out everything except the name of the charge and its tincture, then gradually more of the description one phrase at a time. Also, don't be afraid to e-mail me for advice- see the Contacts Page.

Colouring Sheets for Kids (or Adults...)

Go to the Create Page and click on options. Tick Make Printable and choose Outline Only from the Colourscheme drop-down. Now enter a blazon (or leave the field empty for a random blazon) and click Draw Shield!. A new browser tab will open with a large, page sized shield just ready to be printed and coloured in!

Share Your Shield

Have you noticed the caption below your shield on the Create Page? This is a live link to your shield design; right click on it and chose "Copy Link Address", then paste into a document, email or social network posting. Clicking on the link will go straight to the DrawShield "Create" page and display your shield.

Edit Your Shield

Take a look at the different download formats available under the Options on the Create Page. PNG can be edited in any graphics editor, like the Gimp or Paint.Net, but for maximum flexibility, without loss of detail download in SVG format and edit with Inkscape.

Share Your Own Tips

Please get in touch with your own tips via the Contacts Page, or click on the Reply button below.

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