Coat of Arms of San Escobar

     quartered of 8
first per fess argent and azure a Marijuana Leaf vert
 smaller smaller smaller higher higher higher higher
 higher a Monkey Winged Passant argent smaller smaller
 lower lower lower lower lower
second or a pomegranate proper
third vair a anchor or bendwise larger larger
fourth sable a Rapier argent hilt or bendwise a claymore
 argent hilt or pommel or bendwise sinister
fifth fleury vert and or a compass rose argent lower
sixth gules a Sickle or bendwise sinister larger lower
 lower a hammer or bendwise larger lower lower
seventh ermine a Arrow Bundle 3 gules
eighth Tierced In Bend vert argent azure


Coat of arms of fictional state San Escobar created by polish politician Witold Waszczykowski who wanted to say about Saint Kitts and Nevis, but made mistake spelling its name in spanish.

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