Some canting arms

1st	sa 6 horseshoes arg (FERRERS, ancient: to shoe
 a horse = ferrer in French)
2nd	arg a wyvern (actually a Wyvern has only 2 legs;
 this is a dragon) gu armed and langued az (DRAKE:
 draco = dragon in Latin)
3rd	sa 6 swallows arg larger(ARUNDELL, Lanherne, co.
 Cornwall: hirondelle = swallow in French)
4th	gu 3 luces (i.e. pikes) palewise inverted  reversed
 or  very much larger slightly larger closer together
 lower (LUCIE/LUCY)
5th	or an anvil az (EISENHOWER: eisenhauer = iron-hewer
 in German)
6th	per chevron gu and sa 2 keys in chief (wards inwards)
 respectant larger lower a key in nombril larger slightly
 lower or (KEYES)
7th	arg 3 boars' head sa armed arg langued gu higher
 much closer together to the sinister (HOGG)
8th	Sable a Fess engrailed between 3 whelk shells
 bendwise reversed inverted Or much larger (SHELLEY)
9th	arg 3 cocks gu jelloped combed and legged sanguine
 higher much closer together to the dexter (COCKBURN)


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