University of Prince Edward Island

    per chevron gules and vert
in 1st quarter 3 forge hammers in fess shown much
 larger arg and in 1st quarter a cartouche fesswise
 in fess throughout smaller conjoined or charged with
 a cross paty pointed sa
in 2nd quarter 3 quills in fess shown very much larger
 much closer together arg and in 2nd quarter a coronet
 fesswise in fess throughout smaller conjoined or
in base a book open or leaved arg

mantling gu and or
torse gu and or
crest an oak tree proper


by Ser Jakob the Second an attempt at my university's achievement. per the canadian heraldic institute: "Per chevron Gules and Vert, in dexter chief a pair of blacksmith’s tongs Argent between two hammers Or hafted Argent No tongs in drawshield yet! enfiling an annulus Or set with a cross patté Sable, Not easy to do enfiling in drawshield haha. UPEI was a merger of two schools, the first being St Dunstan's University. St Dunstan is the patron of blacksmiths, and the ring represents that which he would have worn as Archbishop of Canterbury. in sinister chief three feathers Argent enfiling a coronet of crosses patté and fleurs-de-lis Or, Not quite the right crown, but it is rather specific. The second school predating UPEI was Prince of Wales College. This is the badge of the Prince of Wales, used by the university with permission. and in base an open book Argent edged and bound Or;" Rather than ribbons, the original mantling is maple leaves. The crest is three oak saplings under a fructed oak tree, rather than one tree alone.

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