Lloyd of Stockton, co. Salop 1894

    quarterly of 16
1st and 4th sa 3 nags' heads erased arg larger lower
2nd quarterly i and iv sa 3 horses' heads erased arg
 larger ii and iii arg a tower triple towered sa;;
3rd per pale or and gu 2 lions rampant addorsed counterchanged
5th az 3 open crowns in pale or 
6th arg a lion rampant gardant gu lower
7th arg a lion rampant sa langued gu lower an open
 crown bendwise or very much smaller slightly smaller
 higher slightly higher slightly higher to the sinister
8th arg 3 bulls' heads caboshed sa horned or larger
9th arg a lion rampant gardant sa lower
10th az a wolf salient arg langued gu lower
11th az a chevron between 3 cocks arg combed jelloped
 and legged or much larger
12th sa a boar passant arg (tusked cleyed and bristled)
 armed unguled and crined  or lower (between) 6 fleurs
 de lys arg 3 and 3 smaller much further apart 
13th az a boar statant arg armed unguled and crined
 or much smaller much lower to the sinister (chained
 to) a tree in dexter half much larger very much larger
 much higher slightly higher arg
14th sa a lion rampant arg langued gu
15th or a lion rampant regardant sa langued gu
16th az 3 open crowns or higher much closer together
drawn in a french shape


The first 16 quarters of 323. The first 161 quarters, very many of which are repeated , are duplicated in the second half of the quartered arms

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