Yeet Part 8

    Quarterly of sixteen
     I gules a lion rampant argent armed and langued
 azure royal crowned or larger lower.
     II azure a chevron or between three eagles or
 armed legged langued and beaked sable royal crowned
 or slightly lower.
     III argent a bend sable.
     IV azure an eagle displayed argent lower.
     V per fess sable and gules three mullets of five
 argent in chief lower a crescent argent smaller smaller
 lower lower lower lower lower lower.
     VI or a lion rampant sable armed and langued
 gules royal crowned argent lower larger.
     VII sable a lozenge or lower.
     VIII azure a canadian pale argent a mullet of
 five gules smaller smaller smaller.
     IX argent an arrow sable bendwise inverted.
     X azure semy de lys argent
     XI per pale sable and azure an eagle displayed
 or armed and langued gules royal crowned or larger
     XII gules on a pale or three roses proper.
     XIII azure a book argent.
     XIV argent a castle triple towered sable.
     XV or a lion rampant azure armed and langued
 gules royal crowned or larger lower.
     XVI sable a portcullis or.


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