going to go mad

quarterly of 5: first, sable a saltire nebuly
 argent a lion cadent orange langued sanguine
 armed gules second, sanguine an eagle sable
 beaked or langued gules membered or armed
 tenne an escutcheon tierced per pale nebuly,
 gules, tenne, and argent shown smaller smaller
 smaller smaller smaller raised third, checky
 gules and argent a cross checky celestial
 azure and sable fourth, per fess erminites
 and gules semy de ermine spot sable shown
 larger larger larger larger an escutcheon
 pean shown smaller smaller an escutcheon
 counter-ermine shown smaller smaller smaller
 smaller fifth, tierced per pale erminois
 erminites pean

Suggested by an anonymous user who adds: i am going to go mad

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