Addington, Henry

    or seme of ermine spots sa 
    on a chevron 
      between 3 fleurs de lys sa larger 
        5 lozenges arg larger 
          charged with an ermine spot sa larger
    dimidiated with
    sa seme of ermine spots arg
      on a chevron arg between 3 fleurs de lys or larger 
        5 lozenges sa larger 
          charged with an ermine spot arg larger

From a suggestion by an anonymous user, who adds:

The Arms of Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth: Per pale or and sable seme of emine spots, sable upon or and argent upon sable, on a chevron per pale sable and argent between three fleurs de lys counterchanged five lozenges counterchanged each charged with an ermine spot counterchanged (Achieved in Drawshield by dimidiation)

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