Wearing Furs

We have already learnt about the field or background of the shield and know that we can give it a single tincture (colour), or split it into two parts, each with a different tincture. We will now look at another option for the field, that of using a fur.

Furs are so called because they are (highly stylised) representations of animal furs 1. There are 3 basic furs:

  • Ermine (representing the fur of a small white mouse with a black tail, native to Armenia)
  • Vair (origin obscure, but possibly representing skins of the small animal of the same name, stitched together)1
  • Potent (Like the head of a crutch but possibly just an even more stylised version of vair.)

1. Rest assured that all furs used in DrawShield are artificial and no animals were harmed during the creation of the program.

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