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Create Page Blazon Information

When a shield image is created and displayed on the "Create" page there is an area to the bottom right of the shield marked "Click for Information". This reveals four "panels" of information, which can accessed by clicking on the "tabs" above panel.


The first panel is titled "Blazon" and is quite straightforward. It shows the Blazon that was originally typed into the textbox, including any commented words or name information.

If there are any errors or warnings they will also be shown here (and a red "Errors reported" will appear in the bottom right of the shield image).

Errors are grouped into categories that are largely self-explanatory and most involve either being unable to understand the blazon or for the blazon to contain contradictory information. For example it doesn't really make sense to say on a bend or 3 pommes in saltire.

Warnings are usually occasions where DrawShield can recognise the blazon but is not able to draw the requested objects. Sometimes a similar object will be substituted and this will also be noted here.

Read on to find out the other information panels.


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