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The Create Page

The "Create" page is the heart of the DrawShield system, this is the page that gives you the greatest level of control over producing your shield images and provides you with the most information about your blazon.

Entering the Blazon


Type or paste your desired blazon into the textbox at the top left. Scroll bars will appear if you have a particularly long blazon. Spaces, punctuation and accented characters can used quite freely, but are not necessary, so you may enter seme instead of semé. If you want to include comments, names or items that can't yet be drawn then enclosed these things in round brackets '(' and ')' they will be ignored. More simply, end your blazon with one or more hyphens '-', and everything after that will also be ignored.

To draw your shield, click the "Draw Shield!" button (duh!). It will replace the empty white shield below the text box. There will additional information provided in panels "behind" the shield, the following pages cover this in more detail.

Saving the Blazon

Click on the "Save to file" button and, by default, your shield will be saved as a PNG file in your normal download location called shield.png. The file format can be changed in the options panel, discussed further in the next panel. Note that this button generates a new shield image and downloads it, but it does NOT cause the screen image to be updated.

Not Entering the Blazon(!)

If you do not enter a blazon into the text box then DrawShield will create one for you! These are generated totally randomly from a system of templates. There are potentially hundreds of millions of different blazons that can be generated - most of them look pretty horrible but you can simply edit the blazon in the text box, click on the "Draw Shield!" button and see the changes.

Because of the random nature of the blazon it will sometimes be the case that it can't actually be drawn. If this happens, just delete the contents of the text box and try again.


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