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Heraldry Reference Material

There is an enormous amount of heraldry and blazonry reference material on the web. In this section I am attempting the near impossible task of bringing order and coherence to at least a part of this vast resource. The effort is two parts:

  • To provide a curated, annotated set of links to existing resources
  • To provide existing resources in a more accessible form

To provide a flavour of what I am proposing, here are examples of each type:

Annotated Links

I have searched the Internet Archive for useful, out of copyright resources that refer specifically to British Heraldry. I intend to use this model to provide similar annotated and organised links to other types of resource.

Accessible Resources

Although PDF files are useful, they are not always particularly accessible; there may be OCR errors (if the images have been converted at all), searching is difficult; text in columns can be hard to select and so on. As an example of what can be achieved with native HTML formatted documents I present Parker's Dictionary of Heraldry. Again, I hope to use this a model for additional documents to be added in the future.

I also have available a preview of another work, The Book of Public Arms. This is the result of a learning exercise to understand the process of converting scanned PDF documents into more easily accessible web resources. There is also a brief discussion of the process to convert this work from the scanned sources to web page format available.