Colour Reference

Colours in DrawShield are a bit complicated. There is no single, agreed mapping between heraldic colour names and RGB hex colour codes, however there are several suggested "mappings" (which DrawShield refers to as "palettes" and can be selected using the preferences pane on the create page.). The different palette shades can be seen under the "Heraldic Colours" below.

In addition, DrawShield supports several additional sets of colours for special purposes, the various names and shades can be shown in the remaining links below.

Resolving Colour Names

Sometimes the same name is used for different shades in the colour sets. "Azure" appears in the heraldic, named web and tartan colour sets, each of a different shade. Other notable clashes include "bronze", "gray", "crimson", "orange" and several others.

DrawShield assumes that if you enabled a particular set of colours then those are the one that you want to use. So if you have enabled Tartan colours then the shade used for azure will be taken from the Tartan colour set. If you want to override this behaviour and access the original heraldic colour then prefix the colour with the word "heraldic" - the construction heraldic azure will always display the heraldic colour (from the selected palette) regardless of what additional colour sets have been enabled.

Colour Samples

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