The DrawShield Font


I need lots of icons for the iOS version of DrawShield, and it turns out that a neat way of encapsulating lots of scalable icons is as a font file. Since I'm doing one anyway I thought it might be interesting to release the font itself to see if it useful to anyone else.

The font can be downloaded here, the archive contains the font in Truetype (TTF), Embedded Open Type (EOT) and SVG formats, along with a PDF document showing all of the characters to date. It is released under an Open Font Licence and is free for anyone to use or modify. The characters occupy the Private User Area of the Unicode scheme from code U+e000 upwards. Hopefully I can provide some instructions on how to use these in various operating systems soon. The best way to distribute documents containing these characters is as PDF file embedded fonts. Do a web search to find out how!

I am quite happy to add things to this font if anyone does find it useful, suggestions are welcome! And before you ask for colours, don't forget this is just a font, like any other so the colour is up to you and your word processor!

Please get in touch if you find this useful or would like to suggest any additions or changes.

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