I_m giving a link to the College....

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Posted by: Marc-André Laverdière

Created on: April 5 2016 at 18:9

I'm giving a link to the College of arms's latest newsletter, published in January.

Lets have a look at the arms of the UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER:

Arms: Per fess nebuly enhanced Bleu-celeste and Purpure issuant in chief a Sun in Splendour Or in base three Bees volant proper.

Crest: Upon a Helm Within a Coronet composed of four Roses Purpure barbed Argent seeded and set upon a Circlet Or a demi Lion guardant Or murally crowned Argent holding in the paws a Torch erect Sable enflamed Or.


January 2016 Newsletter (no. 45) - College of Arms

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