The island of Barbuda was also....

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The island of Barbuda was also affected. It is part of Antigua and Barbuda, whose arms are below. As it is a Commonwealth realm, this one is an example of British heraldry.

Escutcheon Barry wavy of six Argent and Azure, a sugar mill on a grassy ground, proper; and a chief wavy Sable, a rising sun radiant Or
Crest On a helmet to the dexter, lambrequined Azure and Argent, a pineapple and four hibiscusflowers proper.
Supporters Two deer, the dexter supporting a sugarcane and the sinister supporting an aloe, all proper
Compartment A grassy ground surrounded by waves of the sea Argent and Azure.
Motto Each Endeavouring, All Achieving

Coat of arms of Antigua and Barbuda - Wikipedia

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