Change Log

This page provides details on the current release of the DrawShield image creation program. Minor bugfixes and updates can be found on the Error Reports page.

Release 2.6l / Website Build 253 and above

  • The parts finder contains a lot of data so is now loaded on demand. Added an "add" button which appends the current selection to the blazon. Not guaranteed to be valid.
  • The Drawing Options are also loaded on demand and the available colour schemes have been updated to cover a subset of those now available.
  • Drawing options can now be selected in the blazon itself (overriding whatever is set in the options dropdown). For more details see the options page in the user guide
  • Added ordinaries crancelin and trimount
  • Added charges alchemical symbols, kangaroo, flail and annulets interlaced interlaced
  • Added the tinctures iron, bronze, copper, lead, steel, white, buff, red-ochre yellow-ochre and crimson. Depending on the colour scheme that you chose these may or may not be identical to existing tinctures.
  • Various other bug fixes and new variant spellings

Release 2.6k

Added the ability to "tweak" the size and position of charges through the keyword 'shown'. Explained further in the user guide section on Charge Adjustments

Release 2.6j

Added quarterings of quarterings, see the marshalling page in the user guide for full details

Release 2.6i

  • A number of additional spellings have been added and minor bugs in charges fixed, see the error reports / twitter feed for details
  • The Playing Card theme pack has been added.

Release 2.6h

  • Many charges have been added, see the Parts Finder on the create page.


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