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Sometimes a group of items gathered around the shield are commonly associated with a particular role or organisation; this is quite common in ecclesiastical heraldry.

For DrawShield purposes we have chosen to use the word ornaments to name this grouping. So for example to have the group of objects normally associated with a Roman Catholic Archbishop added to the achievement use the construction:

(your shield) ornaments of a Roman Catholic Archbishop

You may apply Artist Hints to the ornaments, these must follow immediately after the words above and will be applied to the group of ornaments as a whole, it is not possible to adjust the individual parts.


Not only are objects fixed in an "ornament" but the colours are too. If you try to specify colours following the ornament they will be ignored an error message generated.

You may only have one set of ornaments per shield, however this can be combined with Mantling - the mantling will be drawn behind the ornaments.


As there are large number of these ornaments they are further subdivided as follows:

Roman Catholic Clergy

(Others to follow)

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