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DrawShield is a set of tools for drawing heraldry. Unlike most graphical tools, where you place or draw objects on a canvas, in DrawShield you describe in words what you want to create and the program draws and creates objects for you.

The words are written in a language known as Blazon, which is an ancient language with a mixture of English, Latin and anglicised French words. Most books on Heraldry will tell about the language of Blazon, the pages here will tell you about Blazon as it is used in DrawShield.

The Documentation contains the following sections:


In the following pages every word that DrawShield can recognise is shown like this. The program can also recognise variant spellings and alternative terms (e.g. fess and fesse but I have not listed all of these. Short examples of the language of blazonry are given in in this form, while complete blazons are shown as block quotations.

There are two styles of commentary section. Some pages may contain "Herald's Notes". These are observations on aspects of Heraldry or blazonry that might be of interest. Separately, some of the pages incude a section called "Notes". These are largely about the actual implementation of DrawShield , for example limitations on things that can be shown or assumptions that have had to be made to allow the program to work.

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