From DrawShield Documentation

Each shield may have up to three crests. A crest may contain any combination of the following things:

DrawShield can usually work out where the description of the crest begins but if not you can use the either of the words ornaments or crest to indicate this.

Multiple Crests

Again, DrawShield can usually correctly identify multiple crests. Each crest may separately have any combination of the things from the list above, for example you can have just charges in the first and third crests and a helmet, crest and torse in the center, or any other combinations. You can use the term no crest after a helmet to make it clear that this helmet does not have a crest.

Note that if you have multiple shields within a single achievement then each shield can have its own set of up to three crests. Alternatively, if the crests follow the word achievement then they will be applied in a single set above the two shields. (You can actually do both but it looks a bit messy).