Rosenblatt Family

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    // Shield for Rosenblatt family: Final //
//background Gold
//the charges
	6 natural rose  gules leaved vert, stemmed vert,
 in annulo much larger much larger lower
	in fess point a strawberry leaf  vert much smaller
 very much smaller 	// no good botanical rose leaf exists here yet, therefore
//  choosen for using a strawberry leaf as it is anyway
//  a member of the Rose-family and has the most resemblance,
//  despite only being 3 leaves while roses may have from
//  upto 5 or 7 leaves (always in odd numbers).
//Defining a border inside the shield
	an tressure azure //(possible) =var2
	//a bordure azure //looks better = Var3, but not
//  liked by my GF
	//a double tressure azure //is ok when leaf and roses
//  are lower = Var4
	//a double tressure flory counter flory azure //not
//  much =Var5
//	Defining the standard Mantling.
	achievement with mantling argent and celestial-azure
 // is best
//	Defining the head of the Mantling (crest/crown)
//  	a royal helmet celestial-azure much higher
	TORSE vert and gules     //family colours found in the leaves and roses
//  //	A base for the complete CoA.
	compartment mound vert higher higher //is best
//	The  supporters of the CoA
	supporter 1 stone  vert much lower much lower much
 lower much smaller much smaller very much smaller
//	Familiy motto 	motto "Rosenblatt"

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A shield designed for my GF and her family. Symbolic: 6 roses for the 6 family members. 1 rose leave in the center of the 6 roses, as it is "Blatt" (singular for leaf) and not Blaetter (leaves).

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