The Red Sands

base wavy or
1 star or very much smaller to the dexter to the dexter
 higher Very much more to the sinister very much lower
1 porcupine Tenne Very much smaller very much more
 to the sinister more to the sinister Very much Lower
1 scorpion sable in chief  Smaller  Much lower  Very
 Much Lower, Very Much lower Much lower much Closer
 together slightly lower
1 Lizard vert  reversed Very much Smaller Much smaller
 Very much More To Dexter more to dexter  Much Lower,
 much lower
 Bordure sable Goutty sanguine
1 Vulture displayed Sable very Much higher smaller


The Herladry represnts the Devil bird Axiatul a tyrant god of death. K'waii the Spiny rat and He who made the sky shine bright. Ixchel The Scorpion Citali Mother of Creation The Thorny Devil.

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