Harington of Aldingham

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1st sa 6 torteaux much smaller 6 mullets pierced arg
2nd billetty gu and or a saltire vairy sa and arg
3rd arg 3 bendlets gu 
4th gu 3 lions rampant or  much larger lower each
 charged with a fleur de lys sa very much smaller much
(FitzRoger, Lord of Chewton)
5th or a crow sa lower a label entire of 2 points
 az in chief 
a square shaped escutcheon or much smaller very much
 smaller very much higher much higher slightly to the
6th gu a bendlet enhanced or a bendlet abased arg
(FitzMiles, 2nd Earl of Hereford)
7th gu 5 fusils conjoined in fess or larger 
(Neufmarché, Lord of Brecon)
8th arg a chief gu a label entire of 5 points or in
(de Vivonne alias Fortibus)
9th az 3 escallops or 
10th per pale or and vert a lion rampant gu lower
 a canton vairy or and gu 
(Marshal differenced with Ferrers)
11th gu a bend lozengy or 
(Marshal, jure uxoris Earl of Pembroke) 
12th arg on a chief az 3 crosses pate fitchy arg 
(de Clare alias Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke)
13th or 3 (chevrons) chevronels gu fimbriated gu 
(de Clare, Lords of Clare)
14th gu 3 lions passant in pale arg higher 
(Giffard, Earl of Buckingham)
15th sa 3 garbs arg 
(McMurrough, King of Leinster)
16th arg on a cross gu 5 mullets or 
(Broadspere, Lord of LLanhowell)
drawn in a french shape 


William Bonville KG, 1st Baron Harington of Aldingham (executed 1461)

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