Keeping in Touch

Keeping in Touch With DrawShield

There are various ways to keep in touch with things happening on, depending on your needs.

Just the latest news

If you just want to hear about bug fixes and new features then look at the Announcements page which is a view on to a channel on our Discord server, or for more interaction then sign up to the server itself!

Learning More

If you want example images, inspiration, hints and tips the follow the "Fun with DrawShield" blog.

Updates For Developers

All of the code used on the website, and the shield rendering code is available on GitHub, where active issues lists are maintained. You can get a good overview of the state of developments by looking at the main project page. The wiki pages belonging to each repository contain articles about coding and design topics, but these are probably a minority interest.

Contact the Author

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That's me! My name is Karl Wilcox and I am the author of the DrawShield suite of blazonry programs. You can find out more about me, and some of my other projects and interests at I write these programs just for fun, and to keep my web development and programming skills up to date, but I also hope that they are useful in teaching the language and art of heraldry and bringing it to a wider audience. If you want to contact me about the site, or anything else please use the contact form below. Don't forget to include your email address if you would like a reply!

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