Whats New

July 2024

New Charges

The following charges and ordinaries have been added:

  • Austrian Imperial Crown (only proper)
  • The heater shaped bordure can be embattled
  • estoile inflamed
  • handbell ancient

June 2024

New Charges

The following charges have been added, or replaced with improved versions:

  • lizard statant
  • tortoise proper
  • bear passant proper
  • parrot proper
  • stag trippant proper
  • seahorse natural
  • sea turtle (shelled)
  • beaver proper
  • wolf passant proper

New Documentation

There is a new set of documentation pages which consolidates all previous sources of information. There has been considerable clean up of redundant content and there is now a comprehensive search feature to allow you to look for specific terms anywhere in the documentation, including the visual catalog (although the original, catalog item only search is still available here.

I still a few additional articles to add from the "Buy me a coffee" blog and some pages from the Github wiki but it is my intention to use this as the single source of all DrawShield information from now on.

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