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In this section you will find all those things that can be drawn on the surface of the shield, the ways that they can placed, modified, arranged and so on.

The order here is also a suggested reading order as it moves from simpler to more complex concepts and you can also just apply what you read up to any point to create a valid blazon.

Tinctures - Heraldic Colours and Patterns

Ordinaries - Large Shapes Across the Field

Divisions - Splitting the Field into Parts

Edges - Variations on the Straight Edge

Charges - Animals, Weapons, Tools and other Objects

Features - Differently Coloured Parts of Charges

Modifiers - Postures and Other Charge Variations

Arrangements - Grouping Charges into Patterns

Half Charges - Managing Parts of Charges

Positions - Putting Charges in Specific Places

Marshalling of two arms

Quartering of multiple arms

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