January 2023 News

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6th Here's the list of new charges:

animal => crocodile rampant, frog couchant

bird => bat sejant, bird foot, bird rising, bird, crane volant, crow rising, dove displayed , dove volant affronty, duck displayed, duck enraged, duck foot, duck naissant, duck passant , egg, goose enraged, goose reguardant, heron rising, heron volant, heron wings displayed , heron, hummingbird, magpie displayed, merlette, moorcock, peacock feather, raven head , raven reguardant, raven rising displayed, raven striking, robin, swan naissant

dragon => dragon couchant dragon head cabossed dragon head couped dragon head erased dragon sejant dragon volant dragon wingless couchant dragon wingless passant

fish : barbel embowed catfish haurient embowed fish embowed fish haurient fish head fish skeleton fish winged flying fish luce embowed luce winged trout turbot

game => pheasant

eagle : eagle foot, eagle head couped, eagle head erased, eagle leg, eagle rising, eagle striking, falcon striking, falcon volant, hawk, hawk guardant, hawk rising

home => portuguese armillary sphere

livestock => cock head couped, cock head erased, cock rising

mythical => basilisk sejant, basilisk wingless, basilisk wings displayed , basilisk hydra passant

seabird => puffin

sealife => calamarie embowed, walrus, zydrach, crab claw pair 2, crab claw, dolphin embowed, dolphin haurient, dolphin winged, lobster claw, prawn, sea bear, sea fox guardant, sea fox, sea otter, sea serpent erect, sea serpent ondoyant

(The following were moved from "fish" to "sealife") walleye, dolphin natural, whale embowed spouting, whale embowed, whale spouting, whale, dolphin, killer whale

tree fruit => log

8th New Charges:

door bolt, drawbridge, house, keystone, lock plate, obelisk, truss, watchtower, window, angel volant, crucifix, seraph, brazier, chest, stool, bathtub, arm cubit armoured, arm cubit habited, arm cubit, arm habited, dextrochere, fist, foi, fool head, hand couped, hand erased, janus head, jawbone, leg armoured, maiden, man armoured, man habited, man head couped, man nude, tress of hair, woman head couped, woman nude, woman, wound, centaur passant reguardant, gorgon head caboshed, gorgon head couped, ichthyocentaur, melusine, viking

ark of the covenant, bookbinding press, caligraphy knife, palette, coulter, dovecote, fork hoe, hay house, hayfork, pitchfork, winnowing fan, yoke, backgammon board, bowling pin, chess board, egyptian die, golf club, polo stick, folding fan, hand basket, ombrellino, scroll closed, scroll open, scroll, tub, umbrella closed, umbrella, (the Umbrella, academy, version, is, "an, umbrella, symbol"), baroque trumpet, bass cornet, cornet, cymbals, dulcimer, handbell, panpipe, psaltry, tambourine, viola, zither, bridle, quadrant, shovel

18th New Feature:

In most places where you can use a heraldic colour you can now also use the word "transparent", which, umm, makes things transparent. Initially my thought was so you could use it as the field colour so that only charges would be visible (instead of having to use "drawn in a square shape blonde..." which I have noticed people using to match the gallery background) but I wonder if it will be useful elsewhere. Only the body is transparent, so the stroke is still visible, as are any features that you give explicit colours too. (You can make ordinaries transparent but since they don't have strokes they just disappear...).

23rd Updates

Those charges which are also (or sometimes, only) available as "proper", with a fixed set of colours are now also included in the visual catalog, for example see https://drawshield.net/catalog/charges/crown/index.html . By request, I've also added a "legionary" as an (always proper) human charge.

I have added the treatments golpy and orangey and a more accurate plain bordure for the French shield shape

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