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The Massingberd Arms

Another pub this time, The Massingberd Arms in the village of South Ormsby in Lincolnshire. You can see it on Google Street view here:-

Can this Inn sign be nice and straightforward? Let's take a look in Burke's armory… Result! There are 8 Massingberd's listed, all with Lincolnshire connections. The last is the one we want:

Massingberd-Mundy . Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per pale gu. and sa. on a cross engr. ar. five lozenges purp. on a chief or, three eagles' legs erased az., for Mundy ; 2nd, az. three quatrefoils, two and one or, in chief a boar statant of the last charged with a plain cross gu., for Massingberd; 3rd, quarterly, or and ar. on a cross couped betw four lions ramp. sa. five escallops of the first, also for Massingberd. Crests- 1st, Mundy: A panther's head erased sa. bezantee; 2nd, Massingberd : A lion's head erased az. charged witb two arrows saltirewise betw. four gouttes ar.

So sometimes it is easy. The only inconsistency I can see is that the first crest looks more like a dragon than a leopard. If you look really closely you can also see a scrap of wallpaper and a paintbrush, more I think to do with the artist than the armiger!

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