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Created on: December 29 2012 at 20:9

Lines of Succession

I've been having trouble interpreting some European Royal Shields that appear in Lincoln Cathedral - Wikipedia is good for showing what the arms are , but not very good at explaining why ! Many of the Wikipedia pages actually reference the book, Lines of Succession, Heraldry of the Royal Families of Europe  by Louda and Maclagan. I usually prefer to get electronic versions of references books if I can (easier to carry around!) but this hardest for books that are between 10 and 50 years old. This book is out of print, but not out of copyright, however, there are some copies available quite reasonably priced on Amazon ( ). The copy I obtained from "Julies-Bookshop" is an ex-library book and is in excellent condition (thank you to the librarians and people of Wakefield, West Yorkshire!) and as you can see is absolutely packed with historical information and dozens of detailed (and cross-referenced) family trees, with shields! Brilliant! just what I needed...

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