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Restoring the Crest in Warrington

In a reversal of an earlier story, we have a coporate body replacing their "modern" logo (why are all modern logos based on a swoosh ?) with the original crest. Warrington is a small town in the county of Chesire, in north west England and is the administrative seat of the surrounding area. The local council recently voted to replace a 2007 logo with coat of arms granted in the 19th century. There is some politics here, as the "new" logo was introduced by the party that previously held power, and the recently elected party decided to make the change. 

From Fox-Davies, The Book of Public Arms :

WARRINGTON, Borough of (Lancashire). Ermine, six lioncels rampant, three, two, and one gules, within a bordure azure, charged with eight covered cups or. Crest: On a wreath of the colours, upon a rock proper, a Unicorn rampant argent, armed, maned, and unguled, supporting a flagstaff all or, thereon hoisted a flag flying to the sinister, per pale argent and azure charged with a rose gules, barbed and seeded of the first, and a garb of the second. Motto- " Deus dat incrementum."

[Granted by Sir Albert Woods, Garter; G. E. Cokayne, Clarenceux; and William H. Weldon, Norroy, i8th May 1897. The grant is printed in extenso in the Genealogical Magazine, September 1897, vol. i. p. 259. The lioncels were suggested by the arms of Paganus de Villars, and the covered cups by the arms of the Boteler or Butler family. The rose and garb in the crest allude to the fact that at the time of its incorporation Warrington was partly in Lancashire and partly in Cheshire. The unicorn is also suggested by the crest of the Boteler family. (See a letter in the Genealogical Magazine, p. 430.)

Note In Fox-Davie's time, Warrington was in the county of Lancashire, but today is in the county of Chesire. English counties are rather flexible beasts - my home town of Grimsby is currently in its third administrative county during my lifetime, although geographically it is still in the same place!

VOTE: 'New' logo ditched in favour of old one

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