Merchant Tailors Arms, Bristol,....

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Merchant Tailors Arms, Bristol, England

I was put on to this magnificent image by the story here - (will someone please them they are allowed to put more than one sentence in a paragraph...)

You can see the entrance they talk about in Street View here: and the full blazon, from Fox-Davies Book of Public Arms (P 506) is:

MERCHANT TAYLORS, The Worshipful Company of, "London. (Incor-porated loth March 1326.) Argent, a Tent Royal between two Parliament robes purpure, lined ermine, the tent garnished or, tent-staff, of the la'st, on a chief azure, a lion passant guardant or. Crest - On a wreath of the colours, a 'mount vert, thereon a lamb passant argent, all within a glory or. Supporters - Two camels or. Motto - " Concordia parvse res crescunt." '

[Arms granted by Sir Thomas Holme, 1480 ; confirmed by Sir Thomas Wriothesley, 1530 ; crest and supporters granted by Robert Cooke, Clarenceux, 23rd December 1586. Grants printed "Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors." The blazon in the original grant is : " Argent, a pavillion with two mantles imperial purple garnished with gold, on a chief azure, a lion passant or" ; but the lion is certainly painted as "passant guardant."]

Panoramio - Photo of Tailors Court

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