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Posted by: Karl Wilcox

Created on: November 9 2013 at 19:3

"Clash of Arms" by Harry Turtledove

Great narrated short story here! One of my other interests is Science Fiction and I greatly enjoy the "Starship Sofa" podcast by + Tony C Smith  Tony has more time to record these than I have to listen to them as I'm still back on episode 300, which included a series of short stories by Harry Turtledove. Give "Clash of Arms" a listen (30 minutes in, 21 minutes long) for a cautionary tale on the perils of bragging about our blazonry skills! Well worth a listen, and to test your knowledge against - better still subscribe and listen to the whole show!


StarShipSofa No 300 Harry Turtledove | StarShipSofa

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