Another question for the community,....

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Posted by: Marc-André Laverdière

Created on: August 17 2015 at 14:27

Another question for the community, this time for the more scholarly-minded.

Can you list the traditions that exist regarding additaments? Here is what I can recall:
- Heralds / Kings of Arms get batons behind the shield
- Helm according to rank (+ chapeau / coronet if applicable)
- Clergy get an ecclesial hat / mitre (and possibly a staff)  instead of the helm
- Circlets (or Maltese Cross) if a member of the given order (e.g. Garter, Canada)
- Medals galore, as long as they're officially recognized
- Anything else?

I haven't noticed a tradition for scholars though. For instance, no academic robe instead of the mantling.

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