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The arms of the current Prime Minister of #Canada . Justin Trudeau is the eldest child of the late Pierre Eliott Trudeau, and thus inherited undifferenced arms - though I have no idea if he actually uses them.

The blazon is very unusual too.

Gules a representation of a Montreal dwelling under construction (tempore 1680) between three garbs Or in centre chief on a square billet the mark of the Prime Ministership of Canada (Argent four maple leaves conjoined in cross at the stem Gules);

A demi griffin Gules gorged with a ceinture fléchée Proper holding in the dexter foreclaw an ansul Or;

On a mound set with conifers Vert rising above barry wavy Argent and Azure dexter a coureur de bois (tempore 1680) holding in the dexter hand a canoe paddle the blade downwards all proper and sinister a Scots townswoman (tempore 1680) proper holding in the sinister hand a baton Azure;


Trudeau, Pierre Elliott [Individual]

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