I would like to get a clarification....

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Created on: November 26 2015 at 21:11

I would like to get a clarification about achievements of crests.

Boutell has this to say: "A figure or device originally worn upon a helm, and now generally represented above a Shield of arms. Crests at first were ensigns of high honour, and their use was restricted to a few persons of eminence: they were attached by a wreath, or torse, or by a coronet, to the helm or basinet; and sometimes a crest stood upon a cap of estate. Crests are still represented standing upon either a wreath, or a cap, or issuing from a coronet: but in our own Heraldry a crest-coronet must always be carefully distinguished from those coronets that are insignia of princely and noble rank."

I'm translating that as meaning: the crest is seated on either a torse, a coronet, or a chapeau when drawing an achievement.

If my understanding is correct, then why is it that the torse is present when separated from a helm?
(e.g. the flag of the Governor General of Canada is 'Azure, the crest of Canada proper' is drawn with a torse - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_the_Governor_General_of_Canada )

Also, I'm seeing torses in the achievement of crests with coronets (e.g.http://reg.gg.ca/heraldry/pub-reg/project-pic.asp?lang=e&ProjectID=2163&ProjectElementID=7605 )

So my question is: is the torse an implicit part of the crest? If so, why does Boutell mention cases where it need not be present?


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