On this day, in 1974, the city....

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On this day, in 1974, the city of Darwin, Australia, was devastated by Cyclone Tracy. The city's arms are below.


My blazon for it is not very good, please tell me yours.

Arms: Gules, between; in chief a castle of two towers gate open Argent masoned sable and in base a mullet of 16? points Or encircled Argent; a fesse per pale azure and argent on the dexter side a vol Argent surmounted by a propeller Or, on the sinister a frigate Proper upon a bend wavy Azure voided Argent

Crest: issuant from a mural crown Proper an estoile Or encircled by an annulet tip fleur-de-lys Gules

Supporters: On the dexter side, an arborigene vested holding a shield in his dexter hand and a lance Proper in his dexter hand; on the sinister side, an Australian settler holding a pickaxe and a shovel Proper in his sinister hand and a flag Gules in dexter hand, all on a grassy mound Vert.



Coat of arms of Darwin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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