Thanks to +Laura Gibbs for reminding....

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Thanks to + Laura Gibbs for reminding me that Margaret of Anjou was born on this day

As Queen of England, she empaled the English arms to her paternal arms, with a weird repetition.

Parti per pale. Dexter: grand parti per pale, grand dexter: Azure three fleur-de-lys Or (France); grand sinister: quarterly 1 and 4 - Azure three fleur-de-lys Or (France), 2 and 3 - Gules, three lions passant gardant Or armed and langued Azure (for Henry VI of England).
Sinister: grand parti of six (three over three), i. Barry of eight Argent and Gules (for the Kingdom of Hungary); ii. Azure seme-de-lys Or a label of three points Gules (France ancient a label of three points Gules) (for the Angevin Kingdom of Naples); iii. Argent a cross potent Or cantoned by four crosslets Or (for the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem); iv. Azure seme-de-lys Or a bordure Gules (for the County of Anjou); v. Azure crusily fitchy two barbels addorsed Or (for the Duchy of Bar); vi. Or a bend Gules three alerions Argent (for the Duchy of Lorraine).

File:Arms of Margaret of Anjou.svg - Wikimedia Commons

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