The raging fire that made news....

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Posted by: Marc-André Laverdière

Created on: May 30 2016 at 22:18

The raging fire that made news all over the world has spread to from Manitoba to Saskatchewan, which arms are below.

Vert three garbs in fesse Or on a chief Or a lion passant guardant Gules;

A beaver upholding with its back the Royal Crown and holding in the dexter foreclaw a Western Red Lily (Lilium philadelphicum andinum) slipped all proper;

Dexter a lion Or gorged with a collar of Prairie Indian beadwork proper and dependant therefrom a six-pointed mullet faceted Argent fimbriated and garnished Or charged with a maple leaf Gules and sinister a White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) proper gorged with a like collar and dependant therefrom a like mullet charged with a Western Red Lily slipped and leaved proper; the supporters standing on a scroll entwined with Western Red Lilies slipped and leaved proper inscribed with the Motto;


Province of Saskatchewan [Civil Institution]

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