On this day, in 1778, was born....

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On this day, in 1778, was born Louis Bonaparte, King of Holland.

I'm giving a shot at the blazon. The additaments are a lot of work here.

Quaterly, 1st and 4th: Gules, a lion rampant crowned Or, armed and langued Azure, holding a sword ARgent hilted Or in its dexter paw and 7 arrows hilted Argent and pointed Or in its sinister paw.
2nd and 3rd: Azure, an eagle inverted regardant holding a thunderbolt in its claws Or

Crown: the Royal Crown of Holland Proper
Mantling: Gules, a semy of bees Or doubled Ermine
Others: two scepters Or in saltire, the dexter one terminated with a hand couped at the wrist in benediction Argent
Issuant from a cloud Argent in the base, two cubit arms vambraced holding swords Proper
Motto: Een Dragt Maakt Magt


File:Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Holland (1806).svg - Wikimedia Commons

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