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Posted by: Marc-André Laverdière

Created on: October 31 2016 at 22:9

The latest newsletter from the College of Arms features a very peculiar grant to Clive (Brooke), Baron BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE.
What's bizarre? Well, 'fimbriated Ermine' - never saw that before!

Arms: Vert a Pall wavy bendwise Argent charged with another wavy Azure in dexter chief a Fleur-de-lys bendwise Or fimbriated Ermine

Crest: Upon a Helm with a wreath Argent Or and Vert Issuant from a Circlet of Tally Sticks erect Or a demi Badger proper gorged with a Collar Or charged with a Barrulet wavy Azure supporting with the dexter forepaw a Palmer's Staff Argent pendant therefrom a Scrip Gules fimbriated and charged with a Roundel Or on the Roundel a Triangle throughout Gules

Supporters: On either side a Barn Owl guardant proper perched on a Patriarchal Cross Gules.

October 2016 Newsletter (no. 48) - College of Arms

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