Fidel Castro passed away....

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Created on: December 6 2016 at 23:56

Fidel Castro passed away - so in solidarity with the people of Cuba, we look at their national arms. It is an example of landscape heraldry that heraldry lovers love to hate.

Here is the blazon according to Wikipedia

Crest In place of a crest, atop a fasces, a red phrygian cap charged with a Mullet of five points Argent
Escutcheon Per pale, the first bendy sinister of five Azure and Argent; the second a landscape with a palmtree and two mountains in the distance, all proper; and on a chief under a rising sun a strait closed by a golden key, all proper.
Supporters Oak branch and laurel wreath

File:Coat of arms of Cuba.svg - Wikimedia Commons

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