Yesterday was Sir John A. Macdonald....

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Posted by: Marc-André Laverdière

Created on: January 12 2017 at 15:11

Yesterday was Sir John A. Macdonald Day. Not a holiday, and not much celebrated, but a nice opportunity of sharing the arms of the late Prime Minister of Canada!

Arms: Quarterly: first, Argent a lion rampant Gules armed and langued Azure; second, Or a dexter hand couped fessways proper holding a cross-crosslet fitchée Azure; third, Or a lymphad sails furled and oars in action Sable flagged Gules; fourth, barry wavy of six Argent and Azure a salmon naiant proper; overall on a fess Vert a covered cup between two sprigs of three maple leaves Or;

Crest: A dexter forearm couped palewise proper the hand holding a balance fesswise together with a sprig of three maple leaves Or;


Macdonald, John Alexander [Individual]

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