Happy belated birthday to Margrethe....

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Happy belated birthday to Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark (b. 16 April 1940). Her arms are as follows.

Escutcheon A shield quartered by a cross Argent fimbriated Gules, first and fourth quarter Or, three lions passant in pale Azure crowned and armed Or langued Gules, nine lilypads Gules (for Denmark); second quarter Or, two lions passant in pale Azure armed Or langued Gules (for Schleswig); third quarter Azure, party per fess, in base per pale; in chief three crowns Or (for the Kalmar Union), in dexter base a ram passant Argent armed and unguled Or (for the Faroe Islands), in sinister base a polar bear rampant Argent (for Greenland). Overall an escutcheon Or two bars Gules (for Oldenburg)
Supporters two wild men armed with clubs Proper
Compartment pedestal
Motto Latin: Magnanimi Pretium

The achievement is crowned with the Crown of King Christian V and mantled gules lined Ermine. Around the shield are the collars of the Order of the Dannebrog, and Order of the Elephant

You probably noticed that things got a little complicated in the 3rd quarter. I'm not sure why they haven't leveraged the redundant 4th quarter or used a simpler blazon. I suppose that devoting an entire quarter to something that looks a bit like the arms of Sweden has something to do with it.


File:Royal coat of arms of Denmark.svg - Wikimedia Commons

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