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The arms of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He got in the news yesterday for announcing his retirement later this year. Which makes sense, as he's 30 years beyond the typical retirement age...

Arms: Quarterly: First Or, semée of hearts Gules, three lions passant in pale Azure (For Denmark), Second Azure, a cross Argent (For Greece), Third Argent, two pallets Sable (For Battenberg or Mountbatten), Fourth Argent, upon a rock Proper a castle triple towered Sable, masoned Argent, windows, port, turret-caps and vanes Gules (For Edinburgh), the whole surrounded by the Garter.

Issuant from a ducal coronet Or, a plume of five ostrich feathers alternately Sable and Argent;

Dexter, a representation of Hercules girt about the loins with a lion skin, crowned with a chaplet of oak leaves, holding in the dexter hand a club Proper (from the Danish and Greek royal coat of arms); sinister, a lion queue fourchée ducally crowned Or and gorged with a naval coronet Azure;

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