Here are the arms of the Grace....

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Created on: June 15 2017 at 14:2

Here are the arms of the Grace Hopper College at Yale University. Besides the chief, I like it a lot. Its honestly the first time I see a field like this.

How would you blason it?

The rationale behind the arms is also well thought-of (a refreshing change if you ask me)

"According to Adams, the blue of the shield reflects the colors of Yale and the U.S Navy, where Hopper rose to the rank of Rear Admiral. The pattern of white circles and vertical rectangles represents Hopper’s pioneering contributions to computer science, while the scalloped bar at the top of the coat of arms evokes waves or a horizon line, linking “the College’s visual history to the patterns and colors of a new time.”

She added that the dolphin, which was thought of in the early days of heraldry as the “sovereign” and “guiding light of the sea” represents Hopper’s personal and professional record of leadership. "

Grace Hopper College unveils new coat of arms

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