In solidarity with the people of....

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Created on: July 14 2017 at 0:34

In solidarity with the people of British Columbia, who are dealing with a lot of forest fires lately.

Arms: Argent three bars wavy Azure issuant from the base over all a demi sun in splendour Or a chief of the Royal Union Flag charged in the centre with an antique crown Or;

Crest The Royal Crest of the United Kingdom of Her Late Majesty Queen Victoria [Upon a Royal Crown proper a lion statant guardant Or royally crowned proper] differenced for Her Majesty and Her Sucessors reigning in right of British Columbia with the Lion thereof garlanded about the neck with Pacific Dogwood (Cornus nuttalli) flowers with leaves all Proper;

Supporters On the dexter side a Wapiti stag (Cervus canadensis) proper and on the sinister side a Bighorn Sheep ram (Ovis canadensis) Argent armed and unguled Or, both above Pacific Dogwood flowers slipped and leaved proper;


Province of British Columbia [Civil Institution]

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